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Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Who are we?

A project management consultancy boutique focusing on bridging the gap between management, business & ICT to maximize business value of investments, improve effectiveness, execution and growth. How? We streamline the discipline of project management by providing the right mix of domain expertise, industry knowhow, skill sets, tools and atmosphere to institute a fluid project management stream and promote a  practical, affordable and adaptable discipline.

So what exactly do we do?

Our business activities evolve around management advisory, consulting and training in the domains of project management, strategy & change management, process management, technology ICTexecutive training and innovation. Where? Serving the markets of Levant and select GCC & North African Countries our firm helps small and medium enterprises with organization, management, efficiency, clarity, growth, simplicity and effectiveness.

What problems do we actually solve?

Solving problems like Anti-innovation, inside-the-box thinking, clouded decision making, inefficiency, red-tape, stall, over budget, delays, gold-plating, defects,  low customer service experience, fall-short quality, scope creep, stiffness, inflexibility, opinion-ation, status-quo state of mind, big-4 mentality, ‘this’ internet and new media-age thing, fly-by-night freelancers. We make your problems and opportunities’ ours’ with the highest quality work, innovative and practical techniques, unmatched value and dedication to customer success, defining & achieving measurable business objectives.

Okay so how do we navigate around this site?

This sitemap or menu is organized horizontal and vertically. On the horizontal axis [top header menu] you will find general consulting and advisory offerings & solutions, training programs and about [us] section. On the vertical axis [left side bar] we’ve organized the solutions our firm provides in a niche area by industry or by business line.

We hope you find the information useful and look forward to reading and responding to your valuable comments and inquiries.

joseph zaarour يوسف زعرور [managing partner, orange consulting] e: joseph[at]

Toronto l  Montreal l  Beirut


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