About my start-ups 

  • 2002: Orange consulting Inc [www.orangeconsulting.ca] was incorporated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2002. Joe Zaarour was the co-founder and managing partner heading the business and technology consulting arm of the firm specializing primarily in PeopleSoft consulting. Partners included a team of high qualified technical consultants fromCGIIBM and PWC;
  • 2005: Shortly after Oracle forcefully bought PeopleSoft for USD 10.3 B in 2005 the market for PeopleSoft products and consulting dropped considerably in the midst of uncertainty around what Oracle intends to do with PeopleSoft. Joe was forced to scale down his unit’s operations and partner with firms like IBM to survive the bumpy ride;
  • 2008: re-launched operations at orange expanding geographically to Toronto, Ontario after Larry Ellison, Oracle’s CEO, reassured customers that all their investments in PeopleSoft will be safeguarded and Oracle will never discontinue nor stop supporting PeopleSoft but rather continue investing in new releases, the market bounced back;
  • 2010Joe Zaarour and partners co-founded seleKt and decided to establish a foothold in the Levant region and re-launched an advisory and consulting boutique broadening the scope of offerings to project+cycle management and related disciples but maintaining focus and specializing in niche management domains;
  • 2012: The new entity was branded and released under the name seleKt [www.seleKt.co,www.seleKt.me] operating from Beirut catering to the emerging markets, namely Middle East & North Africa region.
We are not big fans of About us pages so we’ve created some  sub-pages to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.
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