Business brief

30 seconds pitch: a project+cycle management advisory boutique serving SBM markets in the following industries: higher education, non-profit, public sector, telecommunication and financial services. We operate in the Levant and select GCC Countries based out of Beirut. We help customers

  • define, prioritize, & select opportunities,
  • manage projects & programs,
  • transform their business strategy,
  • improve effectiveness &execution,
  • plan & execute eMarketing & positioning strategies,
  • deal with change, re-engineer & implement processes and restructuring efforts, and
  • make the right technology decisions that enable business, and provide training.

We are a group of highly functional, internationally-bred, well-versed process and domain consultants with big 4 experience  [McKinsey, PWC consulting, IBM global services, CGI] that teamed up and devised a collection of industry and service-line niche offerings.

Vision; a project+cycle management consultancy boutique focusing primarily on bridging the gap between management, business & ICT in order to better

  • define, select and maximize business value of opportunities & investments,
  • improve effectiveness, and
  • execution and growth.

We streamline the discipline of project and project+cycle management by providing the right dose of domain expertise, industry know-how, skill-sets, tools, behavioral traits and atmosphere to implement a scalable project+cycle management framework and promote a sustainable, practical and adaptable discipline that is tailored to suit your needs.

We aim to become the de facto management discipline at every SMB & non-profit in the Levant and select GCC & North African Countries through implementing our macrosphere solution – comprised of a framework, methodology, processes, traits, deliverables, training and tools.

Mission; our business activities evolve around supervision, management advisory and consulting in the domains of project management, change management, information and communications technology, training and innovation. Our firm helps small and medium enterprises and businesses with organization, management, efficiency, clarity, growth, simplicity and effectiveness.

Solving problems like Anti-innovation, inside-the-box thinking, clouded decision making, inefficiency, red-tape, stall, over budget, delays, gold-plating, defects & low customer service experience, fall-short quality, scope creep, stiffness, inflexibility, opinion-ation, status-quo state of mind, big-4 mentality, ‘this’ internet and new media-age thing, fly-by-night freelancers.

We transform your worries into opportunities with high performance delivery, quality work, innovative and practical techniques, unmatched value and dedication to customer success, defining & achieving measurable business value.

General Business-activity categories

  • Advisory & supervision [expert & objective advice on business, strategy and management topics.]
  • Consulting & implementation [fluency in process & content around management, performance, analysis & improvements]
  • Training [essential management skills. experiential learning. creative thinking. innovation. policy]

Main service Lines or professional services solution areas

  1. Project, cycle & program management
  2. Business strategy and transformation
  3. Business process management
  4. Change management
  5. Marketing & content management [digital and mobile marketing, and new media]

Industries to target

  • Government & PPP
  • Non-profit, NGO and social enterprises
  • Higher education
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunication
  • select SMB customers

Markets to tap

  • Region 1: Levant [mainly Syria, Iraq & Lebanon]
  • Region 2: [Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE-Abu Dhabi, Yemen, Sudan]
  • Region 3: [Saudi]
  • Region 4: Turkey & some African countries [Ethiopia, Congo, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia]

Brand attributes

  • Arabic friendly
  • Internationally-bred. affiliation with Orange Consulting Inc and our Canadian and EU partners
  • Social – [think tank, actively involved in CSR
  • Classy – premium
  • Professional – confidence
  • Reliable – Trustworthy
  • Young[ish]
  • target market: Middle East [Levant & GCC]
  • Multifaceted, implicit underlying objective or mission
  • Generic at launch, more focussed after securing finance, but extremely narrowed & niche focused operations
  • Green – as in social & environment responsible
  • Competition: not many but along the lines of “bain, peppers & rogers, booz & co – to a certain extent”
  • Services: consulting & supervision, advisory, training
  • Values: innovation, bottom-line driven, internationally-bred
  • Sustainable differentiator: challenging status-quo, think inside and outside the box
  • Emotional: green, environment friendly, socially responsible, Asian look, Arabic origin
  • Personality: classy, go-getter, doer, flip the table upside down
  • Benefits: effective, qualified, domain knowledge, nimble
  • Purpose: is “to give corporations the power better manage opportunities and projects. Simplify project management.
  • Tagline: creating self-sustainable value to your bottom lines through project management


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