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ERP: lessons learned

Posted: February 16, 2011 in ERP
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We are about to embark on a major ERP and Campus Solutions implementation for a major University-Hospital center. One thing I learned well from working in Big4 consulting firms was to ask for feedback and conduct a thorough lessons learned for others to benefit from.

So here we are before sailing into the unknown, I am outlining some key elements that will make or break your ERP implementation:

  • Change management (repeat these words 3 times at least)
  • Start your BPR exercise before the new system implemention kicks off
  • Forget the traditional way of doing things and become open minded
  • Get used to entering more data than before
  • Find a way to eliminate duplicate entries today because ERPs hate duplicates!
  • Centralized data and sharing – a wrong address is shared with multiple units in your organization
  • A time dimension to data – new ERP system has a date & time stamp to almost every major record so past & future are important in ERPs in making decisions
  • Legacy data – most legacy data will NOT be migrated you will have to enter them manually (let’s be realistic here a push of a button will not seamlessly convert your data from old to new format)
  • Get used to this word: Maintenance – periodical patches, updates and new releases
  • Customize less – it will cost you less on the long run to change your process to fit the vanilla process than to customize!!! Ugly word
  • Culture of doing business is different

This is the cold truth but if you are unable to accept all of the above, think twice before jumping ship! To learn more please connect with us or subscribe to our blog

Joe Zaarour, ERP consultant, project manager and victim of failed projects (and this makes me an expert in the domain)