Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

Have you ever asked yourself  what is the most important issue to the world?

Although there is still debate over whether it is climate change, war on terrorism, water, poverty, health etc.  It is without doubt that people around the globe face the challenge of ensuring sustainable development especially with the increasing demands for resources while respecting social and environmental values.

Businesses have a large stake and their activities have a significant impact on employees, customers, communities, the environment, competitors, business partners, investors, shareholders, governments and others.

The concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility” has become an increasingly important tool in the business case for the past three decades “Strategically speaking, business can only flourish when the communities and ecosystems in which they operate are healthy”, hence the saying responsible business leads to good business.

Course Objective:

The main purpose of this training is to give participants an understanding of the main principles of CSR, how companies, NGOs and public authorities can create value for themselves and the different stakeholders and learn skills in setting their own CSR strategies.

The CSR training is a short course that targets mid-career executives especially those working in companies, civil society organizations and public authorities.

After attending the training participants gain a better understanding of:

  • CSR an introduction
  • CSR Framework and key issues: drivers, triple bottom line, codes
  • CSR Stages and Dimensions
  • CSR and the business case is there a business opportunity?
  • Examples of good practice
  • Practical steps in implementing CSR
  • Importance of Stakeholder engagement
  • Case studies
  • Working groups


The training follows a variety of training methods: lectures, exercises, case studies as well as an interactive approach using group work, role plays, discussion etc.

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