Customer Service

There is a new verb to be added soon to our urban dictionaries called ‘tweetment’.

Well customer service isn’t what it used to be anymore. Do you live in Lebanon for instance and have an internet connection with any of our great ISPs? Live in Dubai and want anything from your telco provider?

Well long gone are the days where your customer will wait on the phone for 12 minutes to get a problem solved or get the line cut by a cold transfer from one unit that you spent 20 minutes explaining your porblem to to another unit within the ‘organization’ that knows nothing about your discussion with the first agent.

Solution? A simple new age, new way, new media, new mentality of dealing with customer service.

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  1. Joe Zaarour says:

    Customer Service in the region, the bane of many a disgruntled buyer, is set to get a whole lot “friendlier” due to the emergence of social media.

    Corporate strategies and best practice to cope with the fast-evolving new business development are set to be a major theme of this years annual Middle East Call Centre 2011 event (MECC ’11), slated for Dubai on May 31–June 1.

    According to Dominick Keenaghan, president of event organizers INSIGHTS, “organisations must recognize that they cannot afford to ignore the impact that social media is having on customers, and thus their brands and revenues. Although it’s new territory for most companies, the innovative approaches being implemented are literally transforming businesses and corporate culture. At MECC ’11, up-to-date guidance will be provided to help delegates bridge the gap between Social Media and Customer Service and, in particular, how to integrate Social Media into the Contact Centre”.

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