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About me: consultant and founding partner at seleKt, a project management consultancy 

[who are we?] A project management consultancy boutique

[what do we do?] We offer project management consultancy services [to whom ?] to SMEs, non-profit and Governmental organizations in the Gulf [GCC] & Levant regions [what problems do we solve?] to assist institutions with organization, management, efficiency, clarity, growth, nimbleness, simplicity and effectiveness and also with managing and delivering multiple initiatives on time, on budget, within scope & quality standards.

[how / why should you care?] We do so by providing the right mix of domain expertise, industry know-how, tools, training, methodology and atmosphere to institute a practical, affordable and quickly-adaptable discipline. [why are we different?] We are a boutique firm, a team of high-performance and innovation-driven principle consultants with former big-4 experience and the right mix of success-ingredients that constantly challenge the status quo and think inside and out of the box.

So what exactly do we do?

Our business activities evolve around delivering change strategy & change managementmanagement advisoryconsulting 咨询 and training in the domains of project managementprocess managementtechnology ICT, eMarketing/Social media, and innovation.

Encounter any of these common problems?

Solving problems like Anti-innovation, inside-the-box thinking, clouded decision making, inefficiency, red-tape, stall, over budget, delays, gold-plating, defects,  low customer service experience, fall-short quality, scope creep, stiffness, inflexibility, opinion-ation, status-quo state of mind, big-4 mentality, ‘this’ internet and new media-age thing, fly-by-night freelancers. We make your problems and opportunities’ ours’ with the highest quality work, innovative and practical techniques, unmatched value and dedication to customer success, defining & achieving measurable business objectives.

Okay so how do we navigate around this site?

This sitemap or menu is organized horizontal and vertically. On the horizontal axis [top header menu] you will find general consulting and advisory offerings & solutions, training programs and about [us] section. On the vertical axis [left side bar] we’ve organized the solutions our firm provides in a niche area by industry or by business line. Right below the Business Solutions by area you will find our social media links, blog categories, recent blog posts and our tweets! A the bottom, you will find a link to subscribe to our feeds.

We hope you find the information useful and look forward to reading and responding to your valuable comments and inquiries.

joe zaarour 乔 يوسف زعرور , Project and Program manager, PeopleSoft consultant, Management consultant, ICT advisor, New media advisor, Councilman 
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