SAP consulting

Our SAP consulting practice was build by a team of ex-IBM/Fujitsu/CGI/orange and other consulting firm professionals that worked together on projects, built rapport, synergy in expertise and decided to branch out into independent consulting then formed a dedicated boutique consulting firm focused on niche areas.

SAP is our core: We have the experience and real-world knowledge others simply don’t. Our history of delivery excellence covers a full portfolio of services to meet your needs, including implementation, upgrades, optimization, application management and integration. And with distinct service lines within the practice dedicated to Human Capital Management and Financial Services (FICO)

We built a team of multi-disciplined consultants  in the following fields:

  • Project management
  • Functional and Solution Analysis,
  • Configuration/BluePrinting and SME
  • Technical Analysis
  • Business Analysis and skills by specific Industry
  • Business Analysis by functional domain (Human Capital Management)
  • Change management and training

Our core services evolve around:

  • Evaluation and Selection
  • Design
  • Implementations
  • Roll outs
  • Optimizations
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance & Support

Primary expertise in HCM and Financials modules

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