Apply our in depth industry and business expertise to help create value in your organizations. 

Industry solutions:

  • Financial Services [Banking; As banks recover from the global financial crisis and battle toward a healthy future, they must make a significant transformation to redefine their business models, restore client trust and understanding, and reform their risk management culture]
  • Government [local, municipalities, ministries, federal]
  • Retail [Pave the way to innovation, opportunity and new products and services through the smarter consumer. Long-term prosperity relies on empowered consumers to help establish consistency, strengthen loyalty, and produce smarter retailers.]
  • Telecommunications [For communications service providers (CSPs), offering cloud-based services is the way forward for business expansion and revenue growth. CSPs that evolve into cloud service providers could expand well beyond the traditional communications industry services market, extending their presence into a vastly larger market of network-powered blended services. This paper examines ways that CSPs can take advantage of cloud computing internally, and externally as a cost-effective way to create, manage, and monetize cloud-based services for their customers.]
  • Travel & Transportation [Many of our transportation systems are inadequate to serve the needs of the 21st century. By integrating technology and intelligence into the physical transportation infrastructure, we can reduce economic and environmental impact, improve capacity, and make our transportation systems more efficient, safe, and secure.]
  • NGOs & Social Enterprises

Service lines

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